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Vacation rentals are open in Massachusetts.

We have opened up our Atlantic Vacation Homes properties for your 2020 or 2021 vacation. Vacation smart and learn how to navigate your Cape Ann, MA vacation in "the new normal." Know before you go!

Enjoy Coastal Distancing on Cape Ann -- Gloucester MA Vacation Rentals - Atlantic Vacation Homes

If you have flexible work and school arrangements right now, a "flexcation" may be an ideal way to re-establish a healthy sense of balance. With wide-open beaches, fewer crowds, and plenty of crisp autumn air to go around, Cape Ann is the perfect place stay "coastally distant." Atlantic Vacation Homes offers a wide variety of vacation rental homes across Cape Ann that would be perfect for your off-season flexcation. 

Let's Go There (To Cape Ann) - Atlantic Vacation Homes

Cape Ann has plenty to do and see! From Motif No. 1 to the muscial sands of Singing Beach, there’s so much to explore, whether you're in our own backyard or coming from afar. When the time is right to get on the road, we have a few ideas on where to go. When it's time for you, Atlantic Vacation Homes will be ready.