Vacation Planning

Kayaking While On Cape Ann

Cape Ann has over 50 miles of coastline that continually calls out to kayakers and other water enthusiasts to paddle and explore. Getting outside and experiencing new things while on vacation is always a goal of most families. Atlantic Vacation Homes makes achieving this goal easy with watercraft rentals.

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National Plan For Vacation Day May Improve Your Life

As we all know, taking vacations is essential for our overall well-being. Time off can help strengthen personal relationships, broaden horizons and inspire creative thinking, improve professional performance, and promote better health. In recognition of that, doesn’t it make sense to set aside some time to plan out your next vacation? January 25, 2022 is […]

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Vacation Rental Week March 8-12, 2021

  Atlantic Vacation Homes is excited to participate in the first annual Vacation Rental Week—the vacation and holiday rental industry’s first of its kind!  With vacation rentals, travelers have more choices and have complete control to customize their trip than booking with a traditional hotel. We would like to take a moment and highlight the […]

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#BookDirect: Save More on Your Vacation Rental

Planning Your Next Vacation? Meet the Stone family. They were planning their Cape Ann vacation with one of the giant online booking companies until they saw the price and were stunned at the high fees. After a little more research to find a short-term vacation rental, they found Atlantic Vacation Homes. After speaking with one […]

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Massachusetts Staycations: #MyLocalMA

Calling all Massachusetts residents! If you are longing for a vacation, but don’t want to go to far from home, a staycation in an Atlantic Vacation Homes vacation rental is the perfect solution for you. A recent article from Forbes cited the pandemic as a major (but not the only) reason that staycations are more […]

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Flexcation: A New Way to Visit Cape Ann

​After months of staying at home and having activities restricted, a “flexcation” may be an ideal way to re-establish a healthy sense of balance. With wide-open beaches, fewer crowds, and plenty of crisp autumn air to go around, Cape Ann is the perfect place stay “coastally distant.” Find a new seaside home office for an extended […]

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Lets Make Plans & Let's Go There!

2020 was something else, wasn’t it? We all need a break and could use something to look forward to again. And nothing is more exciting than planning that next perfect getaway. The one that can’t get there soon enough. Because the journey begins the moment we decide to go somewhere. It’s time to feel that feeling […]

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A Season of Excitement, A Season of Change

  During the first few weeks of any new year, and especially in a new decade, there is a period of time that can be referred to as a “Season of Change”. One can take advantage of this special season in many different ways. Choosing to jumpstart the new year in a positive manner may […]

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Book Direct with Atlantic Vacation Homes and Save

Can we talk for a moment? We know you’re busy, but we want to chat for a minute about Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). OTAs such as HomeAway, VRBO, AirBnB, TripAdvisor, and FlipKey are popular websites for booking vacation rentals. Booking your vacation rental stay via an OTA, however, means that you’ll be charged a steep […]

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