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Flexcation: A New Way to Visit Cape Ann

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Vacation Planning

Enjoy Coastal Distancing on Cape Ann -- Gloucester MA & Rockport MA Vacation Rentals - Atlantic Vacation Homes​After months of staying at home and having activities restricted, a "flexcation" may be an ideal way to re-establish a healthy sense of balance. With wide-open beaches, fewer crowds, and plenty of crisp autumn air to go around, Cape Ann is the perfect place stay "coastally distant."

Find a new seaside home office for an extended time and create a change of scenery for your Zoom meetings. Selecting a Cape Ann vacation home for your upcoming flexcation starts here with Atlantic Vacation Homes.

Students & Remote Workers: Find Your Happy Place

While families and co-workers are learning to adapt to new "WFH" (Work From Home) schedules, you can find yourself leaning into the latest trend of flexcations. Discover the freedom of extending the traditional summer vacation into the fall and winter months while experiencing Cape Ann like never before. With the ability to work remotely or complete online assignments from anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection, there’s no need to cut a trip short to get back in time for class or punch the clock on Monday morning. Stay as long as you'd like with this new flexibility built into your schedule. Now is the time to trade in your home office for an ocean view!

Flexible Work, Flexible Adventure

Visit Cape Ann, MA in the off-season for your flexcation.See Cape Ann in a whole new way in the off-season. Traveling during a different time of year lets you see your favorite destination from a whole new perspective. It’s a chance to create new family memories together, like seeing the leaves change colors or visiting the beach when temperatures are cooler. Our area's restaurants are open and offering various ways to enjoy the delicious local seafood you know and love. Sitting outside on the dock or down on the rocks while enjoying fried clams can now be a reality with thinner crowds. Make sure your flexcation has plenty of room for fun and flex your adventure muscles! Try to carve out some time every day or several times a week to explore Cape Ann. In addition to restaurants, there are many shops and attractions that are open for you to enjoy.

Local Educational Resources

Having all the local digital resources of Cape Ann at your fingertips to switch up the daily syllabus during homeschooling can offer a welcome relief. There are many virtual offerings ranging from online whale watching to museum exploring. For a full list of our recommended virtual experiences please visit our blog "From Your Couch To Cape Ann, Instantly" to find a new online adventure.

Getting Ready To Visit Cape Ann: Know Before You Go

One of the main objectives of your flexcation is to get up, get out, enjoy yourself, and relax but stay healthy in the process. Keeping yourself familiar with the local travel updates is very important. Atlantic Vacation Homes is committed to providing a clean, comfortable, and safe atmosphere where our valued guests can relax and finally have the vacation they deserve. We look forward to your visit very soon.

Where to Stay for Your Cape Ann Flexcation

Atlantic Vacation Homes offers a wide variety of vacation rental homes across Cape Ann that would be perfect for your off-season flexcation. To book your stay, simply view available vacation rentals and enter your desired dates to get a quote. You can also call toll-free at (855) 853-9143 to speak with a Guest Experience Specialist.


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