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North Shore MA Things To Do

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Dogtown Common - Truth Rock Carving, Gloucester, MA

Few places boast the loveliness and historical background of Dogtown Common, a 3,600-acre stretch of forested land in the heart of Gloucester.

Folly Cove Landing - Atlantic Ocean and Rocky Outcrop, Gloucester, MA

Located right on the Gloucester-Rockport line, Folly Cove is one of Cape Ann’s most popular scuba diving spots, offering a great wall just outside of the cove and an abundance of sea life.

Once known as “Bailey’s Head,” Marblehead’s Fountain Park was the site of a fort during both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

Gloucester HarborWalk - Story Post, Gloucester, MA

Incorporated into Gloucester’s downtown and waterfront areas, Gloucester HarborWalk lets you experience our historic city in a personal, relaxed, and scenic manner.

Goose Cove - Overlooking the water, Gloucester, MA

Featuring a wooded upland, salt marsh, rocky shoreline and geologic features such as Cape Ann granite and glacial erratics, Gloucester’s Goose Cove Reservation is perfect for nature lovers, artists, and families.