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North Shore MA Things To Do

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Dogtown Common - Truth Rock Carving, Gloucester, MA

Few places boast the loveliness and historical background of Dogtown Common, a 3,600-acre stretch of forested land in the heart of Gloucester. Walk or bike along the numerous family-friendly hiking trails and see for yourself why Dogtown Common is a wonderful spot for nature walks and family outings.  

Folly Cove Landing - Atlantic Ocean and Rocky Outcrop, Gloucester, MA

Located right on the Gloucester-Rockport line, Folly Cove is one of Cape Ann’s most popular scuba diving spots, offering a great wall just outside of the cove and an abundance of sea life.

Once known as “Bailey’s Head,” Marblehead’s Fountain Park was the site of a fort during both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

Gloucester HarborWalk - Story Post, Gloucester, MA

Incorporated into Gloucester’s downtown and waterfront areas, Gloucester HarborWalk lets you experience our historic city in a personal, relaxed, and scenic manner.

Goose Cove - Overlooking the water, Gloucester, MA

Featuring a wooded upland, salt marsh, rocky shoreline and geologic features such as Cape Ann granite and glacial erratics, Gloucester’s Goose Cove Reservation is perfect for nature lovers, artists, and families.

Known as the birthplace of the U.S. Navy, Beverly’s Independence Park is a lovely little park that features a commemorative plaque and an old cannon, as well as ocean access.