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Gloucester HarborWalk

Gloucester HarborWalk - Story Post & Gloucester House, Gloucester, MA
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Incorporated into Gloucester’s downtown and waterfront areas, Gloucester HarborWalk lets you experience our historic city in a personal, relaxed, and scenic manner. Gloucester HarborWalk features a free, public access walkway as well as a self-guided walking tour designated by 42 granite story posts integrated into the city. The tour will guide you to gardens, art galleries, spectacular views of Gloucester’s working harbor, and more. Additionally, Gloucester HarborWalk features a free Apple/Android-compatible companion app that includes interactive activities, videos, and a step-by-step guided tour. Though you can begin your exploration of the HarborWalk from any of the 42 story posts, the “first” post is located at Peter’s Square (10 Rogers Street) next to a large green buoy. Metered public parking available throughout downtown Gloucester.

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