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Dogtown Common

Few places boast the loveliness and historical background of Dogtown Common, a 3,600-acre stretch of forested land in the heart of Gloucester. Rife with natural beauty, including ancient glacier-formed rock formations and two reservoirs, Dogtown Common will ignite your adventurous side as well as your curiosity.

From the mid-1600s up until the early 1800s, a small community known as the Commons Settlement existed in what is now known as Dogtown Common. Currently, Dogtown Common is widely regarded as one of New England’s most famous abandoned settlements, and has been featured in books such as The Last Days of Dogtown by author Anita Diamant. Traces of Dogtown’s tamed past are still visible throughout the area, including cellar holes leftover from several long-gone homes. Along your journey, you’ll want to pause and contemplate the inspirational sentiments carved into numerous boulders, carved by local quarry workers during the Great Depression.

Walk or bike the numerous family-friendly hiking trails and see for yourself why Dogtown Common is a popular spot for nature walks and family outings.