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Beaches & Water Activities

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Cressy Beach, Gloucester, MA - View of Beach

Located on the western edge of Gloucester’s Stage Fort Park, Cressy Beach overlooks Gloucester Harbor making it a great spot for relaxing, soaking up the sun, and taking in the sights.

With 5.48-acres of sandy waterfront, Devereux Beach is Marblehead’s most popular beach, as well as one of the most well-loved beaches on the North Shore.

Folly Cove Landing - Atlantic Ocean and Rocky Outcrop, Gloucester, MA

Located right on the Gloucester-Rockport line, Folly Cove is one of Cape Ann’s most popular scuba diving spots, offering a great wall just outside of the cove and an abundance of sea life.

Known as the birthplace of the U.S. Navy, Beverly’s Independence Park is a lovely little park that features a commemorative plaque and an old cannon, as well as ocean access.

Lanes Cove - Atlantic Ocean and Storm Wall, Gloucester, MA

Protected by a scenic granite storm wall, Gloucester’s Lanes Cove is a popular spot for docking boats, snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking.

Mingo Beach, Beverly, MA

Located just across the street from Endicott College, Beverly MA’s Mingo Beach is a quiet spot to unwind and let your stress slip away.