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Mobile App FAQ

If you need some help accessing our custom Atlantic Vacation Homes mobile app or logging in, check this page first.

Downloading the app

Logging In

  • To log in as a reserved Guest, tap the "Guest Sign In" on the welcome screen.
    • Enter the email address you used to make the reservation and your arrival date to log in and view your personal stay information.
  • If you do not have a paid reservation, but still wish to use the app to browse vacation rental properties and local recommendations, tap the "I am just visiting" icon. 
  • Tapping the "Visit our website" link will take you to our mobile-friendly website.


Navigating the Menu

  • Tap on the Menu icon in the top left corner to reveal the main menu.
  • Tap on the desired menu item to view that screen or tap the Menu icon again to close the menu.


  • "My Stay" section
    • The Message Center is where you will see important reminders or messages.  If there is a number next to the Message Center menu label, then tap "Message Center" to view your current messages.
    • You can invite everyone in your vacation group to use the app, so that your entire party can access the same stay information, property directions, local recommendations and more. Just fill out the form in this section with your guest's name and email address.
    • We encourage everyone to leave us a review in the Guestbook. We love your feedback!
  • [Property Name] Section
    • "Find My Rental" contains the property address and directions.
    • "Access My Rental" contains critical key or lockbox information.  This information is generally restricted until the day of your rental (12 midnight).
    • "My Arrival" contains check-in time information and "Emergency Info" contain information on whom to call if there is an emergency during your stay.
    • If you have a maintenance problem during your stay, you can send our Property Manager a direct message by filling out the form in the "Maintenance Issue" section.  If you have some other question or request, please fill out the "Question or Request" form.
    • "My Departure" contains pertinent check-out information. 
    • "Our Rentals" allows you to browse our other vacation rental properties and "View Our Website" takes you to our full mobile-friendly website.
  • Local Recommendations
    • In this section, you will find cool places to eat, great things to do, and fun places to go during your stay.
  • Sign-Out
    • You can log out of the app at any time by tapping on Sign-Out. To log back in, all you need is your email address and check-in date.