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Saint Peter's Fiesta 2019

06/26/2019 - 12:00pm to 06/30/2019 - 1:00am
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St. Peter's Fiesta, held June 26-June 30, 2019, is a celebration of the city’s commercial fishing and faith, that has grown to become a city-wide party in Gloucester, MA. The celebration offers parades of statues, icons through the streets, Seine boat races, the blessing of the city’s commercial fishing fleet, Masses, nine evenings of prayer, a carnival and the greasy pole contest.The festival is sponsored by the Italian American community in Gloucester, Massachusetts.


Parade, St. Peter's Fiesta - Gloucester MA
Parade, St. Peter's Fiesta - Gloucester MA

The 5-day festival honoring St. Peter, patron saint of all fishermen. He became one of Jesus’ first followers and is considered the Catholic Church’s first pope. The full program of events for the festival can be viewed on the St. Peter's Fiesta website.

The Greasy Pole, St. Peter's Fiesta - Gloucester MA
The Greasy Pole, St. Peter's Fiesta - Gloucester MA


The Greasy Pole

One of this fishing port’s biggest spectator draw during the Fiesta and most sacred test of all is the greasy pole. The pole is 40 feet of wood piling extending from a 4-story platform a few hundred yards off Pavilion Beach. Most of the year, it sits idle, a totem to the glory it has brought and the people it has broken. But the Friday of St. Peter’s Fiesta -- the biggest event on the city’s calendar — crews slather the pole with Crisco, bacon fat, fish guts, and whatever local bars and restaurants could come up with to make it a slippery mess.

One by one, walkers will attempt to cross and retrieve the red flag at the end of the greasy pole. Some bruising and crushed egos will take place in front of huge crowds of spectators on the water and on the beach. The prize for walking the pole’s length is a type of fame hard to fathom anywhere but here. The flag gets you carried through town, a free drink at every public house, and an authentic stature in the city that lasts a lifetime.


Carnival, St. Peter's Fiesta  - Gloucester MA
Carnival, St. Peter's Fiesta - Gloucester MA


Where to Stay During St. Peter's Fiesta

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