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Book Direct, Book Local, and Save Money on your Vacation Rental

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They say local is always better, right?

From the foods you eat to the items you buy, contemporary wisdom suggests that the closer you are to the source of something, the better. This logic can also be extended to travel. Atlantic Vacation Homes - Gloucester MA - Vacation Rentals The opportunity to be immersed in a destination and "live like a local" is one of the most oft-touted reasons for renting a vacation home instead of a hotel

If your goal is to enjoy a true local experience on Cape Ann, doesn't it make sense to book your stay with actual local experts?

When you book your stay directly with a local rental agency like Atlantic Vacation Homes, you are partnering with real, live people who have intimate knowlege of Cape Ann and the surrounding region. Every member of the Atlantic Vacation Homes team lives, works, and plays here, so we know these communities inside and out. Our Guest Experience team works with you to find the vacation rental property that is the best match for your preferred location, amenities, and price point. Not sure whether a Good Harbor Beach or Wingaersheek Beach vacation rental home will be a better fit for your family? Have questions about where to shop for organic foods, or which restaurants have outdoor dining? Want to time your visit with a fun local festival? You will find yourself better prepared for your vacation (and your getaway will be smoother and more fun!) if a local expert on our staff can help you plan your trip. We're always happy to share our neighborhood insights and beach parking tips.

Shop local, book local, stay local.

Our local expertise is also why you'll want to avoid booking through a third-party online travel agent (OTA). OTAs like HomeAway, VRBO, AirBnB, TripAdvisor, and FlipKey are popular websites for booking vacation rentals, but when you try to book with those websites you’ll be speaking with an out-of-town call center representative who has no idea about Atlantic Vacation Homes properties or about Cape Ann. Pro tip: if the sales person you are speaking with can't pronounce "Gloucester" correctly, you're not speaking with Atlantic Vacation Homes.

Our locally-owned company has been in business for over 30 years--longer than any travel website-- and when you call Atlantic Vacation Homes, you’ll be able to speak with Guest Experience Specialists who have visited your desired property and are equipped to answer your specific and unique questions. We love chatting with our guests and we get to know them as friends. We want our friends to have a great time when they visit!  An OTA does not know or care if you come back to Cape Ann every year, or have a preference for a particular home Atlantic Vacation Homes Staff Photo - Gloucester MA or beach location. Atlantic Vacation Homes, however, is invested in you and your vacation experience. 

Our Local Team is Here for You

The friendly voice on the phone you remember from when you booked just might be the one to show up at your door should you need anything during your stay, whether that be an extra set of towels or a double kayak. And if things go "bump" in the night, we're the ones you can call. Does HomeAway deliver extra propane for your grill? (Hint: No, they don't). Having a team that is local means that we are able to respond quickly to questions, issues, and requests.

Don't Waste Money on Middleman Fees

In case you needed another great reason to book directly with Atlantic Vacation Homes, know that your booking will be less expensive than if you booked through an OTA. Most of the above-mentioned listing sites charge a "traveler fee" (often referred to as a "service fee") of up to 15% of the total rental amount. This extra fee has nothing to do with the actual services you receive from Atlantic Vacation Homes. The money goes directly to the OTA's coffers (often toward their marketing budgets) and does nothing to enhance your guest experience with Atlantic Vacation Homes. The only tangible result is that the cost of booking through an OTA becomes up to 15% higher than the cost of booking the same vacation property directly through Atlantic Vacation Homes. Also, our special offers don't appear on OTA sites. When you book direct, you have the opportunity to benefit from even more savings when special deals are available.

Book Direct For Our Best Price Guarantee Atlantic Vacation Homes - Best Price Guarantee - Book Direct

When you decide to book your next vacation on Cape Ann, we urge you to reserve your vacation with us directly at or by calling us at (855) 853-9143. Guests who book on our branded website or over the phone with one of our knowledgeable Guest Experience Specialists always benefit from our Best Price Guarantee. They book with the peace of mind knowing that they will not find the same property for less anywhere else. 

Contacting Atlantic Vacation Homes directly is the best way to make sure you are getting the best possible price and value for your Cape Ann vacation rental. Our local, knowledgeable, and friendly staff is dedicated to supporting you at every step in the process, from your initial inquiry, throughout your stay, and beyond. 

Atlantic Vacation Homes Atlantic Vacation Homes is the premier vacation home rental & real estate company on Boston's North Shore, with over 35 years of creating dream vacations for our guests. Situated a little more than a half-hour’s drive from downtown Boston, the North Shore is the ideal spot for an east coast vacation. We specialize in coastal vacation rentals for families, large groups, and anyone else who wants a beach vacation in Massachusetts.