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7 Ways Vacation Rentals Will Upgrade Your Family Vacation

Family vacations are made better by vacation rentals. Choose a vacation rental vs hotel every time!
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What are the best lodging options for family-friendly vacations? 

Family vacations are a wonderful opportunity to connect with loved ones and create happy memories. But when you have a larger group, especially one that includes children, squeezing into hotel rooms for several days (or longer) can turn family togetherness into family discomfort.  

Is it possible to stay in the location that you want, with the amenities that you want AND with the space to accommodate your whole crew? Yes! Vacation rental homes are the obvious solution to your family's vacation needs. The additional square footage alone makes for an awesome upgrade from a boxy hotel room, not to mention the addition of countless other amenities that will make you feel right at home. 

Here are the top 7 ways that vacation rentals will upgrade your family vacation and make traveling with kids a breeze. Click the image below to make it larger, or read the text version below.

Family vacations are made better by Vacation Rentals. Travel with kids can be easy!


Here's the text version:

  1. The whole family can stay together in one place, adding convenience and reducing the per-person cost of lodging.
  2. Separate living and sleeping spaces means you can choose privacy or togetherness when you want. You can put kids (or in-laws!) to bed in their own rooms.
  3. Save money on dining out by cooking meals in your vacation home kitchen.
  4. Pack lighter, knowing you can do laundry in your vacation home.
  5. Many vacation rentals have backyards or gardens that are just right for relaxing or playing outdoors.
  6. The availability of pet-friendly properties ensures that nobody gets left behind.
  7. You will enjoy an authentic local experience in your chosen destination.


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