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National Plan For Vacation Day May Improve Your Life

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As we all know, taking vacations is essential for our overall well-being. Time off can help strengthen personal relationships, broaden horizons and inspire creative thinking, improve professional performance, and promote better health. In recognition of that, doesn't it make sense to set aside some time to plan out your next vacation? January 25, 2022 is the day that Project: Time Off has designated as “National Plan For Vacation Day,” encouraging Americans to plan their vacation days for the rest of the year at the beginning of the year.

What Is National Plan For Vacation Day?

Launched in 2017, National Plan for Vacation Day is a platform for raising awareness of the importance of planning for vacation. Research indicates that Americans aren’t taking all of their allotted time off, wasting opportunities for rest, rejuvenation, and self-care. What’s more, industry research has found that setting aside specific time to plan vacations in advance leads to more follow-through in actually using stored-up vacation days.

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Americans and Paid Time Off

According to U.S. Travel’s research, 93% of Americans say that using their paid time off is important to them. However…

  • In 2018, more than half (55%) of American workers left a total of 768 million vacation days unused, a 9% increase from 2017.
  • Since 2000, vacation usage had steadily declined. Even though there has been a positive trend in paid time off being used since 2015, there is still opportunity for improvement. In 2017, workers reported taking off just 17.4 days, still almost a full week less compared to the pre-2000 average (20.3 days).

How Can Advanced Planning for Vacation Help?

People who are "planners" are more likely (75%) to take a full week of vacation time or more at one time. Non-planners take significantly fewer days—zero to three—than planners at one time (42% to 18%). Planning in advance allows vacationers to really think about the locations, activities, and amenities that they want and secure their reservations before providers are sold out. People who book at the last minute are subject to the “You get what you get and you don’t get upset,” rule. In short, planners take more of their total vacation time, take longer vacations, and are happier.


What’s The Best Way To Plan?

1. Figure out how much time off you will be granted this year. Don’t forget to make note of any office closures, such as weekends and major holidays, that can be added into your total time.

2. Coordinate calendars. Get your fellow travelers (family and friends) involved in the planning. Kids will love having a say and be part of the process.

3. Book your trip. Make your reservations for lodging, flights, rental cars, or any other aspects of your trip that can be booked in advance. We recommend that you Contact Atlantic Vacation Homes to reserve the Cape Ann vacation of your dreams! 

4. Share your plans. Once you have your days off determined, export your plans to your Outlook, Gmail, or other electronic calendars and let coworkers know when you’ll be away. Make coverage plans as needed.

Where to Vacation in 2022

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