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Having a North Shore Wedding? Rent a Vacation Home for Your Wedding Accommodations

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Gloucester MA Wedding - Rockport MA Wedding

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Cape Ann is an amazing wedding destination, with incredible ocean views that provide a perfect backdrop to your perfect day.

Atlantic Vacation Homes has several properties that are appropriate as wedding venues and all of our properties are a great fit for housing the wedding party and/or wedding guests. By renting a home through Atlantic Vacation Homes, you can ensure that you and your guests get the most out of their visit to the North Shore. Vacation rentals give your guests the opportunity to spread out in a comfortable space with a living room, kitchen, and as many bedrooms and bathrooms as needed. You’ll have privacy, flexibility and the ability to prepare meals in the days before and after your wedding.

Vacation homes bring everyone together

Equal parts family reunion and a party with all of your friends, weddings are a great opportunity to reconnect with loved ones. Vacation rentals through Atlantic Vacation Homes are the perfect choice for housing your bridal party, your relatives and other guests. With properties that range in size from cottages to large estates, we can work with any group configurations that are needed. What’s more, we have many properties that sit close to each other, making it easy to put large groups in close proximity. For example, Granite Pier and Granite Cottage are right next door to one another. Others, like Oceanside at Good Harbor and Salt Island Views are across the street from one another. Annisquam Heights and Squam Cottage are closeby to another. We also manage several properties close to popular wedding venues such as Cruiseport Gloucester and the Beauport Hotel.

Room(s) to breathe

When you stay at an Atlantic Vacation Homes property, you don’t have to live out of a suitcase. Weddings generally involve a lot of extra "stuff" that you might not ordinarily bring with you on vacation, and in a hotel room, there is not a lot of space to spread out. In a vacation rental home, you can use multiple rooms as you need them to make preparations and get ready. What’s more, you’ll have the space needed to entertain visitors without the worry of tripping over each other or running out of seats. You can host casual meals with friends or meet with vendors. Why not have your hair and makeup stylists come to you, or have your photographer over to take pre-wedding pictures?

Atlantic Vacation Homes rentals are a great value

We know that weddings get expensive. Between finding the perfect venue, deciding on flowers and centerpieces, and numerous other expenses, your bill can add up quickly. Weddings are also an expensive undertaking for your guests. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars per night for a cramped hotel room, you and your guests can rent a beautiful and spacious Atlantic Vacation Homes property and:

  • Stay together but still have elbow room and privacy.
  • Host and prepare meals instead of going to restaurants.
  • Avoid having to send clothing out to a dry cleaners by using the in-home washer and dryer.
  • Enjoy free parking without worrying about a valet tip every time you come and go.

If you are getting married on Boston’s North Shore, let Atlantic Vacation Homes take care of you and your guests so you can spend less time being stressed out and more time getting excited for your big day. Call us toll-free at (888) 973-3864 to discuss your wedding plans and we will help you pick the property that best fits you and your needs for one of the biggest days of your life.

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A wedding venue for you to consider

Our property Clamshell Landing sleeps 14 and is available year-round as an option for wedding accommodations but also as a venue for smaller weddings. Located in Essex, MA, Clamshell Landing has 6 bedrooms, 5.5 baths and sits on 22 acres of pristine conservation land. Call us at (888) 973-3864 to discuss availability.

Clamshell Landing - Wedding Venues, Essex MA - Atlantic Vacation Homes

Clamshell Landing - Wedding Venues, Essex MA - Atlantic Vacation Homes 

We have several other properties that also allow smaller events on a case-by-case basis, so please call us at  (888) 973-3864 to inquire. If we cannot accommodate your event, we would love to house your guests!

Browse our properties to find wedding accommodations for your group:

Atlantic Vacation Homes (AVH) is the premier vacation home rental & real estate company on Boston's North Shore, with over 30 years of creating dream vacations for our guests. Situated a little more than a half-hour’s drive from downtown Boston, the North Shore is the ideal spot for an east coast vacation. We specialize in coastal vacation rentals for families, large groups, and anyone else who wants a beach vacation in Massachusetts.