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A Season of Excitement, A Season of Change

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Vacation Planning

During the first few weeks of any new year, and especially in a new decade, there is a period of time that can be referred to as a "Season of Change". One can take advantage of this special season in many different ways. Choosing to jumpstart the new year in a positive manner may give you momentum to complete unfinished business from the previous year and carry you forward into the next few months with a clear mind.

In hopes that 2020 will be filled with positivity and creativity, you may choose to spend some time getting yourself and your family organized for the year ahead. Taking a few moments to set up a fresh calendar is always a great start, whether it be a synced up digital calendar that your entire family shares or a wall-hanging version that is placed on the refrigerator, depending on your lifestyle and how your family communicates.

At the beginning of the year, the possibilities are endless | Atlantic Vacation Homes

After setting up your calendar, take a survey of your family members for any large occasions that may be on the horizon. Is there a wedding coming up? A momentous sports tournament that cannot be missed? Or perhaps your yearly family vacation to Cape Ann, Massachusetts? Adding these larger events will help you see your year in full and help you plan for small trips in between your “anchor” events. Taking time in the beginning of the year to plan your vacations is important, so you can ensure that you get the rest and relaxation you deserve. In addition, more than half of working Americans don't take advantage of all their earned vacation time, leaving millions of unused vacation days on the table

If you’ve always wanted to attend Saint Peter’s Fiesta held in Gloucester, MA each June, but never seem to get there, then now is the time to plan for that long weekend. If you happen to be in charge of planning for the family reunion this summer and you are tired of the same place that your family has visited year after year, consider Cape Ann. It has all the beauty and charm of other New England coastal communities and is less crowded and more affordable.

Get inspired and get creative | Atlantic Vacation Homes​Use these first few weeks of 2020 to help you grow creatively as well. Start an inspiration board and perhaps share it with your friends and family. Visit our inspiration board; it may inspire you to explore someplace new. 

While you’re feeling inspired, take the opportunity to get more familiar with the camera on your phone. That’s a camera that never runs out of film. Use it to your advantage to get creative and take photos of things you find beautiful. Enjoy this blog post of top Instagram locations near us and find your own share-worthy spots. If you are more of a pen and paper type person, open up a new sketchbook for this year to gather all your doodles and ideas in one place. Just remember to pack it in your suitcase on your next vacation! 

Travel is a great source of inspiration | Atlantic Vacation HomesOne last thing to add to your calendar for 2020 to keep your creative side engaged is to take a culinary, visual, or performing arts class. Not sure where, when, or how to do that, why not try when you’re on vacation? Visit Cape Ann in the Spring and you will be sure to find lots of activities and events to get you cooking, painting, or dancing.

One thing is sure, however you send this season of change, it will be a season of excitement as you plan out your calendar for 2020. You do not want to miss out on all of the upcoming events and festivals that will soon grace Cape Ann’s shores. Reaffirm your New Year’s resolution to travel more and to not lose out on your vacation days. 

Travel is a fantastic source of creative inspiration! Let Atlantic Vacation Homes help you fill up your vacation calendar for this year and get your creativity flowing.

Atlantic Vacation Homes offers a wide variety of vacation rental homes across Cape Ann that would be perfect for your North Shore getaway. To book your accommodations, simply browse available rentals and enter your desired dates to get a quote. You can also call toll-free at (855) 853-9143 to speak with a Guest Experience Specialist. We are always ready to hear from you.


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