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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...Lobstah!

Buoys on the Lobster Trap Tree
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In Gloucester during the holiday season, our festive nature collides head on with our maritime culture and our Yankee thrift. We love a good party and want to dress up the town accordingly, but why buy store-bought decorations when you can make them with what you have laying around? And what perfect symbol of Gloucester do we have laying around in multitudes in December? Lobster traps, of course.

Since 2011, the Lobstah Trap Tree has graced upper Main Street, decorated with buoys painted by local children at Cape Ann Art Haven (whose big annual fundraiser is the buoy auction in January). The photos below are from the day of the tree lighting, as decorations were still being added. One of the coolest features of this year's trap tree is the ability to walk right through it. It's decorated with the buoys inside and out.

The Gloucester Fire Department lent a ladder to the job of placing the star on top, and the tree was good to go for the lighting. It's so pretty!

Not to be outdone, Temple Ahavat Achim also brings their December A-game! Made of 40 traps and lots of LED lights, the Lobstah Trap Menorah is one-of-a-kind and can only be found in Gloucester. 

Local blog The Gloucester Clam's coverage of why and how Temple Ahavat Achim got into the lobster trap decoration game in 2014 highlights the local camaraderie and sense of humor that went into the building of the Lobster Trap Menorah and this fun video from Gloucester native Martin Del Vecchio captured the construction.

Happy holidays, everyone!


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