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Blog Takeover: Supercharge Your Vacation With a Yoga Class

Keep up with your yoga practice while on vacation.
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Yoga has wonderful relaxation and health benefits, which are perfectly in line with the benefits of going on vacation.​ This week, we've invited Dave and Elizabeth DeAngelis from Cape Ann Power Yoga to take over our blog and discuss how yoga can supercharge your vacation.

Have you practiced yoga before? Great! Are you brand new to yoga? Even better! At Cape Ann Power Yoga we welcome students of all levels and we’d love to have you join us while you’re in town. Our sun-drenched studio is right in the heart of downtown Gloucester. You’ll get a real sense of place - practicing with dedicated local students, watching the fishing boats go by, hearing the calls of the gulls - while getting a deep and inspiring practice.

You may be thinking, why would I want to practice yoga while I’m on vacation? Yoga practitioners, new and seasoned, will know just by a glance that Cape Ann Power Yoga is a place where they can land, be welcomed, and learn.

Cape Ann Power Yoga is a world-class yoga studio right in downtown Gloucester.

Cape Ann Power Yoga Studio

Yoga, specifically hot yoga, is not only a physically transformative practice, it is also a personally transformative one. One of the most beneficial aspects of practicing yoga is that you are able to make it your own experience - are you looking to help relax your mind and distance yourself from work and everyday life? Are you looking to burn off that fried seafood you ate last night? Or do you simply want to maintain your fitness routine while you’re away from home? Yoga at CAPY can help you achieve any and all of your short-term goals (and your long-term ones, but you’re here on vacation).

You’ll be inspired by the passionate Cape Ann residents you meet at the studio. We’ve all benefited from our practice as Cape Ann Power Yoga, and we want our visitors to reap the same rewards. Step into the shoes of a local and discover one of the reasons why we’re a tough, resilient, and compassionate community.

Cape Ann Power Yoga is visited by some of the most respected yoga teachers in the world, and our own staff is well-educated, passionate, and well-versed in teaching new and seasoned yogis. They’ll keep a close eye, supporting beginners and inspiring the experienced.

At the heart of yoga, specifically the heart of Baptiste-style yoga, is practicing regularly. You come to practice again and again, to be physically fit, to be mentally fit, and to be available and present for the people in your life, all day long. No matter your intention, Cape Ann Power Yoga welcomes you with a world class experience. Your vacation will be enriched, and your best souvenir will be the education and inspiration that you can share at home.

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